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ETIC The more you know, the better you wear.

“We pay so much attention to what we eat…
Why don’t we do it with what we wear?”

ETIC, European Textile Identity Card, is the smart ID that traces and tells you the story behind your clothes:

  1. Where are they made?
  2. How transparent is their production process?
  3. Have they been made meeting social and environmental standards?

Because the more you know
The better you wear

For your Health
For Responsible Fashion
And for The Planet

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Making sure your clothes respect you, the environment and people’s ethics

A small label for a great cause…

Can you tell if what you are wearing protects you?

The 4
steps of the
textile system

The spinning process is the initial step to produce textiles such as garments, fabrics, home textiles and so on. Fibres spun into a yarn can have different strength, durability, appearance and texture.

Weaving / Knitting

Once the fibre has been turned into yarn, the yarn is processed by knitting or weaving to create a fabric. This step is the core of textile manufacture


Once textile materials have been made, they are processed to improve the look, performance or “hand feel”. Finishing refers to chemical and mechanical processes used on textiles”. Dyeing, printing, and coating are the most common processes to produce beautiful motifs and color effect on textile.

Garment making

When the fabric has the desired colour and properties, it is made into finished products such as sweaters, jeans, shoes or other special items such as carpets, furniture or car seats. This step includes mainly cutting and sewing.


ETIC indicates where the 4 steps take place.
ETIC guarantees that at least 2 of these 4 steps are made in the EU.
ETIC qualifies virtuous companies across Europe.

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Because the label is important

ETIC is a voluntary label with the mission to empower consumers in their choice to select responsible fashion. To obtain the ETIC label, brands and manufacturers must prove to perform some substantial steps  of the production process and materials within the European Union or EFTA countries.

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