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ETIC is a registered European collective mark promoted by the Association ETIC European textile identity card, a non-profit association registered in France. The founders represent the European textile manufacturers across Europe, especially in producing countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France and Switzerland (AIUFFASS, ATP, CONSEJO INTERTEXTIL ESPANOL, FEDUSTRIA, UIT), with a commitment to establishing a traceability system. They share a common desire: to promote a sustainable industry to consumers.

ETIC mission

  • Promotes and develops European virtuous businesses granting total transparency.
  • Promotes and develops an ethic approach that involves social responsibility values linked to production.
  • Implements responsible practice beyond the continent.


  • Only by knowing the truth on clothes’ origin and making of we can raise the bar of responsible fashion
  • European Union has the strictest and toughest regulations protecting the environment as well as people’s health and social rights
  • Empower virtuous business and make the planet a better place to live.

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