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The Label

Transparency, Ethic and Environmental Impact are the DNA of ETIC system.

ETIC aims to inform you on the origin of the materials as well as if all the main production phases took place in the European Union or EFTA countries, according to advanced normative and regulations to protect the environment as well as people’s health and rights. Indeed, for each step – from yarn to fabric, to finishing and the final made-up – ETIC indicates the places where manufacturing was made.
The textile and fashion business is very complex and involves multiple steps from raw material to garment.

The ETIC Labelling System

ETIC labelling system focuses on enabling consumers to know where the main stages of the production process take place:

  1. Manufacturing of the yarn (spinning, twisting)
  2. Manufacturing of the fabric (weaving, knitting, nonwovens)
  3. Finishing (dyeing, printing, coating)
  4. Garment making and final industrial processing (cutting and assembling)

As an option fibre making can be mentioned.

For made-up textile product:

ETIC guarantee that 2 or more of the above 4 mentioned stages are made in the EU or EFTA countries.

For Yarn / Fabric:

ETIC guarantee that 1 or more of the above 3 mentioned stages are made in the EU or EFTA countries

In addition, the manufacturing companies referenced by ETIC are admitted as long as they meet high social and environmental standards.


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